How it Works

It's very important to understand how works, because the better you understand it the more likely you are to win our prizes!

How it Works

What is this? is an auction based competition, giving you chances to win amazing prizes. To be able to play and place bids, you need to get coins. It costs 1 coin to place one bid and if you win the auction, you don't have to pay anything else!

How auctions are working?

Place your bid for a chance to win the auction. Placing more bids will increase your chances for winning the auction.
Wait until the auction is over. In the meantime you can check and bid the other auctions available.
When the auction is over, if you placed the smallest unique bid, you won. We will get in touch with you, to deliver your prize!

The aim is to place the lowest unique bid on the auction, that means the one who placed the lowest unique bid, after all bids have been placed, wins the auction. For example, below we have some bids (let's assume there is no bid below $1.27 or above $1.31), which shows the various status of each bid amount.

How it works
  1. Bid $1.27, it's the lowest, but several people have placed that bid, so isn't the winning bid
  2. Bid $1.28, is not the lowest or unique, so is not the winning bid
  3. Bid $1.29, only one person bided this amount, making it the lowest unique bid - this person would win the auction
  4. Bid $1.30, is not the lowest or unique, so is not the winning bid
  5. Bid $1.31, only one person has bided this amount, so although it's unique, it isn't the lowest and is not the winning bid

Placing Bids

Once you have some coins in your account, you can start placing bids. Every bid costs 1 coin.

You can place a single bid, for example $1.23, and it will cost 1 coin.

Single bid

You can place several bids in one go, by entering a range such as $1.23 to $1.26. You simply enter a "from" and "to" amount, and in this example it would place all bids between $1.23 and $1.26 (including $1.23 and $1.26), using a total of 4 coins.

Multi bid

After you place your bids, you will see them on the auction page, knowing wich bids you have already placed.

When does the auction end?

Every auction have a required amount of bids, before it gets closed. When the countdown goes to 0, system will check if the required amount of bids has been placed. If the required amount of bids wasn't reached, the countdown will be reseted. When the countdown goes again to 0 and the required amount of bids has been placed, the system will automatically select the winner, by checking the smallest unique bid.

Do I have to pay anything if I win the auction?

No, if you win the auction, you get your prize without paying anything else, no matter what bid you placed.

How do I know if an auction is finished?

All finished auctions are available on "Finished auctions" page. You can find the auction here and you can see the winner on the auction page.